There are also many religious divisions under Alsu-Kawn. The majority of those raised into the religion have historically been sanctai traders assigned by god. It is expected that the teachings and traditions be passed down generationally.


Doomsday Preventionists and traditional doctrine are those who believe strictly in the entirety of original teachings of Alsu-Kawn. They believe sanctai should be treated in the way god intended, to protect those who bear sanctai from those who wish to steal them, and to trade them fairly to the right people. Clergy people must learn divination to keep in touch with god’s messages and to see into the true intentions of those who want sanctai traded to them. They follow with modern messages from god, and will carry out any of his commands.

The clergy people wear their hair with a long rattail or “tassel” which is tied tightly at the base. It signifies they will extend a part of themselves which is free-flowing to what god wants, and their values are bound to the original teachings. The Doomsday Preventionists are a more dedicated and clandestine group that works behind the scenes of society to make sure there are no mass disasters carried out with the powers of sanctai.


The Acclimation Order are those who take from the original concept of “sanctai being a divine gift to humanity”, and coming up with new ways sanctai can be used. The most influential reformer behind this division is Theon, a mayor who was first a biological engineer. His theology is that the concept of a sanctai’s power residing in an eye is a concept meant to reworked into something more secure.

The eyes can be damaged and stolen from a user, but if the essence of the power was extracted into something that couldn’t be destroyed so easily, then that would be honouring Alsu-Kawn’s gift even more than intended. Those under the Acclimation Order wear their hair with a rattail tied in a knot.


The Binded Revelation are those who take the philosophies and teachings of Alsu-Kawn, but not the entirety of god’s word. They do not follow most commands or messages from god in modern day, and do not necessarily agree with what Alsu-Kawn has turned the world into. Those in the Binded Revelation are called that from how they wear their rattail or “tassel” in a braid. The braid is meant to be bound with the values of Alsu-kawn they accept, like protecting those with sanctai from those who wish to steal them. Their hair being bound also signifies that they are willing to show god they are not against him, but will not necessarily do everything he commands. Most under this division do not partake in divination, but sometimes still carry out sanctai trading work. Usually the Binded Revelation are working in community services, and try to take down corrupt organizations focused around sanctai.


The Impieties or the faithless are those who were raised into the religion and have abandoned all values and teachings of Alsu-Kawn entirely. This can either be from purposely trading sanctai to those with bad intentions, or in more extreme cases, killing sanctai bearers for their eyes and selling those sanctai in the black markets. Most acts that label one as an Impiety revolve around bad judgement of who should have sanctai or stealing sanctai. There is no punishment given to The Impieties for their beliefs, just if their beliefs have led them to carry out a crime. Often what may drive someone to kill another for their sanctai is because in most cases traders will not receive money for trading until the person passes away, and only then will their sanctai be given up to be sold.